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Re: [SlimDevices: Ripping] Replay gain for individual tracks emalvick Tue Feb 21 10:02:02 2012

I believe Winamp now has a MAC version... You can use it to calculate RG

I'm not sure it is flexible enough to select the target for calculating
RG, but as a player it allows you adjust the RG for output.  I can't
remember if LMS does that.

Generally if you have an RG tag, you can use your amplifier or receiver
to adjust the volume rather than ever having to adjust the RG tags. 

I do suppose that once your files are all tagged that you could
manually script an action in MP3tag to adjust your tracks RG values by
a specific amount... i.e. if you want your RG target 2db lower you'd
subtract 2db from the RG tag (e.g. -7db ---> -9db.)

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