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[route-me] subview on mapView Simon Fri Jan 14 23:00:13 2011

Hi all.

I am developing an iPhone application using Route-Me, and i need your
help with a strong problem for me. I have spend 2 days and i have no
result. Please help me.

I am trying to place a subview inside the mapView. Just like a marker,
but with a subview.

The final purpose is to create a UIButton inside the subview that is
showed when the user tap on a Marker placed on the mapView.

I am able to create and show a subview in the mapView, but it get
always in a static point.

i have tried the following but it doesn't works.

        CGPoint lolao;
        CLLocationCoordinate2D locat;
        locat.latitude= -33.858014;
        locat.longitude= 151.219597;
        lolao=[mercator latLongToPixel:locat];

        NSLog(@"X:%f Y:%f",lolao.x,lolao.y);
        CGRect frame= CGRectMake(lolao.x,lolao.y, 200,200);

        UIView *confirmGo=[[UIView alloc]initWithFrame:frame];

        confirmGo.backgroundColor=[UIColor brownColor];

        [mapView addSubview:confirmGo];
        [confirmGo release];

Please, help me. I am starting with iPhone Developing.

Also if you know any other way to implement what i want to do, feel
free to suggest it.

Thank You very much!!!!!!

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