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[route-me] Re: highlight an area Brad Fri Oct 28 19:00:59 2011

Thanks Mark.  I was hoping that I was missing something which it looks
like I wasn't.  Unfortunately, darkening the map is a requirement from
the client and not my choice.  I would have gone with filling the area
within the rect, I already have it working that way, but they want the
other.  I think what I'm going to do at this point is just add a view
over the map that does the darkening and then push a hole through it
that matches the path.

Thanks for the tips.


On Oct 22, 3:21 pm, Mark Rabenhorst
> Brad,
> From what I understand, that is probably the best way to do it at this
> point. I am not quite sure how easily you will be able to make the map
> dark, unless you swap tile-sets. But depending on the size of your
> map, and the source of the tiles, that might not work fast enough for
> you. So, instead of making the map dark, you might just add a just
> slightly opaque white or other coloration to the area within the path
> which will have a similar effect.
> An alternative would be making a new class. Route-me doesn't have a
> RMSquare class, but it does have an RMCircle class. So you might also
> look into trying to use that as a template for a square.
> Sorry I can't be more of a help,
> -Mark
> On Oct 19, 6:48 pm, Brad <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I recently inherited a project and still trying to wrap my head around
> > route-me.  There's a lot to take in for someone not familiar with
> > it.
> > I'm trying to add a feature where has a rectangle on screen that they
> > can adjust the sides of to box off an area. We want to have it so that
> > the map is dimmed (transparent grey overlay) except for the boxed off
> > area.  Basically letting the user highlight an area of the map.
> > Reading through the archives here, it seems like an overlay on the map
> > with an RMPath would be the way to do it.  Is there a better way for
> > me to achieve this or any tutorials/implementation of it floating
> > around already?  I haven't really found anything googling it, but I'm
> > not sure if I'm searching on the correct terms for it due to my
> > newness to the problem.
> > Thanks

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