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Re: Re: SUG: Automatic RPM database verification and repair Michael Jennings Wed Nov 29 18:06:21 2006

On Wednesday, 29 November 2006, at 16:31:08 (-0500),
Matthew Miller wrote:

> By your clear tone, I'm pretty sure not only do you not "gotcha" at
> all, but willfully don't want to and further discussion is futile.

Feel free to jump to any conclusion you like.  Or you can correct my
restatement of your message to show me where I erred.  Your choice.

> > If you need me, I'll be outside pouring Diet Coke into my gas tank
> > and filing a repair claim against my warranty.
> What a stupid analogy.

I don't think it's stupid at all.  But since all you have to offer is
adjectives rather than a basis for your claims, I cannot refute your
statement.  I can only offer a retort of equal logical merit:

Your momma.


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