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Re: [Rt-devel] Adding a new CustomField type Jon Wood Thu Oct 16 03:00:42 2008

While it's possible to do that without a new field type, it's a lot
cleaner if you create one anyway. For something like that you only
really need to register the field, and then create a Show and Edit
component for it. Doing it that way also keeps everything self


On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 02:05 +0100, Drew Taylor wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was originally wanting to add new CustomField types to enable things
> like showing a flag for "Country" in addition to the text. But I just
> realized I think I can do w/o a new type by using the
> ShowComponentName Callback in Elements/ShowCustomFields. Has anyone
> tried to do this? I can see the callback provides a Name (reference to
> a string), the CustomField object and an Object (which I think will be
> a Ticket object). I imagine I need to massage what
> $Object->CustomFieldValues($CF_id) returns, but I'm not exactly sure
> how to go about it. Alternately, I could create a new
> Elements/ShowCustomField$type component and massage the Name to be the
> new component.
> Has anyone done this sort of thing and/or can provide an example?
> Thanks,
> Drew
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