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Re: [rt-users] RT vs. RTIR Max Clark Tue Dec 25 18:13:35 2007

> From an existing incident, you can launch an Investigation to an outside 
> party, asking them to look into and/or fix the problem. Once again, relevant 
> information from the Incident is filled in when you create the new 
> investigation, so there's no need to cut-and-paste.

This feature is really the crux for me to want to run RTIR.
Specifically in ticket workflows that require an external party to
take action / perform work. I'm wondering if there is a way to
replicate this functionality within 3.6.5. From what I understand I
can create a new ticket with the requestor being the external party
and then set the original ticket to be dependent on the new ticket. It
just seems like a lot of steps to go though.

Is there a better way to do this? Or should I just hang out for 3.7
and the updated RTIR to be released?


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