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[rt-users] rt 4.0.5 - Autocomplete field type for external custom field does not work for non root user Jim Lesinski Mon Feb 27 15:00:40 2012


Running RT4.0.5, Internet explorer 9, Chrome, Firefox

I have set up a custom data source for a custom field as outlined
in external_custom_fields.pod. It seems that everything works fine and I
get pick list data populated into the custom field for all field types when
logged in as an account with root privileges. However, if I switch to an
account that has non-root privileges, all the fields types work as expected
other than the autocomplete field type. For some reason this field type
returns no data when I am logged in as a non-root user account. I have
tested this with the default example external custom field file "Groups.pm"
by adding the line below to my RT_SiteConfig.pm

Set(@CustomFieldValuesSources, "RT::CustomFieldValues::Groups");

I then set up a test field as outlined in the attached screen shots and
tried is as both a root and non-root account. I know the obvious answer
would be that I have permissions set up incorrectly for the non-root
account, but if that is true then why would simply changing the field type
make it work correctly and allow the values to show up?

Has anyone else run into this? Can someone else verify this in their

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