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Re: [rt-users] (Installing RT 4.0.5) Fixdeps unable to make HTML::Mason Walid Haider Wed Feb 29 10:00:09 2012

Hi Kevin,

I tried your suggestion, but still same error.

Any ideas as to what else I could try?


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On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 08:48:47AM +0000, Walid Haider wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> Below is the result:
> cpan[1]> look HTML::Mason
> Trying to open a subshell in the build directory...
> Directory '/root/.cpan/build/HTML-Mason-1.48-ygKQns' has gone. Cannot 
> continue.

That sounds pretty broken.
What's in /root/.cpan/build ?

You may want to just blow away the build directory and try it fresh, but it 
sounds like things aren't being unpacked properly on your system.

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