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Re: [rt-users] Create ticket with links by CLI sunnavy Wed Feb 29 10:00:42 2012

I'm afraid linking tickets to articles are not supported in REST for now.


On 12-02-29 17:08, Witts J Mr wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am using the following code to create tickets on the CLI:
> rt create -t ticket set subject="test cli ticket" set queue="IT Support" set 
> CF-Category=Request
> Which is working fine; however I would also like to be able to set a link to 
> an article at the point of creation for this ticket too.
> I had thought that perhaps I could get my script to create the ticket and 
> return the ticket ID so that I could then add the link as per "rt help 
> links", but even if I try the following after the ticket has been created I 
> get an error:
> rt link 10965 RefersTo a:43
> rt: link: Invalid ticket ID 'a:43' specified.
> rt: /REST/1.0/ticket/link
> Invalid ticket id: 'a:43'.
> /REST/1.0/ticket/link
> Invalid ticket id: 'a:43'.
> So is there any way I can do this on the CLI, or am I just going to have to 
> manually add the link into the article through the Web GUI?
> Regard
> Jon
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