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[ruboss-framework] Re: BlazeDS, JRuby and server push sejensen Thu Jan 08 01:00:46 2009

Hi Dima

Thank you very much for your reply!

As a comment I can say that there seems to be no problem with using
JRuby and Ruboss together, got that to work yesterday.

I know it is a bit of an overhead to go from ruby to java to blazeds,
but I really like the performance improvement in using AMF, compared
to xml we generally see about 10x increase, and the payload is also
smaller so flex will require less bandwith and internet connection
speed and the app will still be quite responsive.

The reason I asked how to use BlazeDS is that Ruboss fokuses on
request-response way of communicating, but I am seeing an tendency of
moving towards messaging with producer consumer, and would really like
to include this technique in our new app. We are allready using
blazeds with java apps and flex as frontend, with "live" update in the
client, and it seems as a step back to use request-response. See
perhaps http://gojko.net/2009/01/06/messaging-is-not-just-for-investment-banks/

And at RailsConf 2008 in Berlin several speakers talked about how they
used messaging protocols like stomp with rails as a backend and
divided big apps into several smaller apps and one client perhaps in
javascript that collected the small apps functionality into one. This
way they could scale the parts of the application that needed to be
scaled and still keep the total amount of used resources low as well
as have a quite responsive client.

Hope that this rampling gives some sort of meaning.

Thanks again

On Jan 7, 10:55 pm, Dima Berastau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Steffen,
> Re: PureMVC. You should be able to use PureMVC or any other  
> architectural Flex framework with Ruboss if you want to. If you go  
> through any of the tutorials available on our github wiki and look at  
> the generated Flex code you'll notice the following:
> 1. Models: Generated Ruboss Models is something you'll definitely want  
> to keep/evolve as necessary independently of what architectural style  
> you pick. You'll find them in <yourproject>/app/flex/<yourpackage>/
> models.
> 2. ApplicationController. This is something that hooks up your  
> application models to the rest of the Ruboss framework and is  
> typically initialized as soon as possible in the application life-
> cycle. Again, there's little reason to edit/through-away this file, it  
> can be regenerated for you as well.
> 3. Generated view components. These live in <yourproject>/app/flex/
> <yourpackage>/components/generated. As the "generated" prefix  
> suggests, you are more than welcome to throw these away and roll  
> whatever you find appropriate in their place. The view code that is  
> generated is more of a "lowest-common denominator"/"spare-parts". As  
> such it follows the simplest possible Flex design pattern (anonymous  
> view), does not use any architectural frameworks other than Flex  
> itself and is designed to have as little code as possible so that it  
> can be read and digested easily while still giving you basic CRUD  
> functionality.
> Re: JRuby/BlazeDS. I've investigated this combination a few month  
> back. You can use JRuby with Ruboss-based projects right now, I am not  
> aware of any major issues around this, it should work as expected. The  
> interesting part is BlazeDS. If you are talking about totally  
> transparent integration then it means going from Ruby/Rails model  
> objects to Java objects and then to AMF, which seams like quite a bit  
> of work given that there's already XML, JSON and possibly with some  
> work RubyAMF support. I think it makes sense to use BlazeDS for the  
> new things that it brings to the table, namely "push". Again, there's  
> nothing that is Ruboss-specific here. You can push content to your  
> Flex client using BlazeDS from JRuby using any of the tutorials that  
> are currently out there. Once it's in Flex you can optionally  
> unmarshall that stuff into Ruboss Models or just use that data as you  
> would in any normal Flex application.
> Hope this helps,
> Dima
> On 6-Jan-09, at 1:14 PM, Peter Armstrong wrote:
> > Hi Steffen,
> > Unfortunately, that outline is a bit outdated -- we had planned to
> > cover Blaze DS when we created the outline, but I think instead we're
> > going to cover Rails 3 / DataMapper and other things more.  We're
> > going to evolve the book and its outline once we get going on it
> > again; it should be better than the current outline.  (The book is not
> > dead; it's just resting while we sort out Hello! Flex.  Expect a
> > flurry of activity in 1-3 months.)
> > Regarding PureMVC, I'll defer my answer to Dima...
> > Thanks,
> > Peter
> > On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 5:08 AM, sejensen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> Hi
> >> First thanks for Flexible Rails, which we own and have used last year
> >> to build an app with Flex and rubyAMF talking with Rails.
> >> My background is that we are building several Flex apps and I have
> >> fallen in love with BlazeDS, especially amf and server push, which I
> >> think is the way to go. ( We are using it even though BlazeDS do not
> >> perform well with many clients, when using server push.)
> >> I can see that You are planning to have a discussion in the  
> >> Enterprise
> >> Flexible Rails book about JRuby, BlazeDS and Ruboss. I would really
> >> love to use exactly that combination. But do you know if it will be
> >> able to use Server push and how to do it?. I do not think we can wait
> >> until the book is out to decide which way to go.
> >> My next question is, will I be able to use PureMVC as framework in
> >> Flex when using Ruboss without too much code change?
> >> Thank you very much
> >> /Steffen
> >> Software designer
> > --
> > Peter Armstrong
> > CEO and Co-Founder, Ruboss Technology Corporation (www.ruboss.com)
> > Author: Flexible Rails (http://manning.com/armstrong), Enterprise
> > Flexible Rails (http://manning.com/armstrong2/) and Hello! Flex 4
> > (http://manning.com/armstrong3)
> Dima Berastau
> CTO and Co-Founder, Ruboss Technology Corporation (www.ruboss.com)
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