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[ruboss-framework] Re: BlazeDS, JRuby and server push Dima Berastau Fri Jan 09 00:00:25 2009

Hi Steffen,

I quite like the Publish-Subscribe communication model as well. I'll  
see if we can better support it in the framework in the next release.  
In the meantime, you can "simulate" this behaviour using a similar  
strategy that is used by AuxHTTPController. See my response to the  
previous email in this thread for details. You absolutely don't have  
to 100% subscribe to request-response paradigm if you don't want to.  
I'll try to elaborate current non-RESTful options on the wiki.

Thanks a lot for your ideas and the links. I am going to play with  
this over the weekend and see if anything fruitful will come out :)


On 8-Jan-09, at 12:52 AM, sejensen wrote:

> Hi Dima
> Thank you very much for your reply!
> As a comment I can say that there seems to be no problem with using
> JRuby and Ruboss together, got that to work yesterday.
> I know it is a bit of an overhead to go from ruby to java to blazeds,
> but I really like the performance improvement in using AMF, compared
> to xml we generally see about 10x increase, and the payload is also
> smaller so flex will require less bandwith and internet connection
> speed and the app will still be quite responsive.
> The reason I asked how to use BlazeDS is that Ruboss fokuses on
> request-response way of communicating, but I am seeing an tendency of
> moving towards messaging with producer consumer, and would really like
> to include this technique in our new app. We are allready using
> blazeds with java apps and flex as frontend, with "live" update in the
> client, and it seems as a step back to use request-response. See
> perhaps 
> http://gojko.net/2009/01/06/messaging-is-not-just-for-investment-banks/
> And at RailsConf 2008 in Berlin several speakers talked about how they
> used messaging protocols like stomp with rails as a backend and
> divided big apps into several smaller apps and one client perhaps in
> javascript that collected the small apps functionality into one. This
> way they could scale the parts of the application that needed to be
> scaled and still keep the total amount of used resources low as well
> as have a quite responsive client.
> Hope that this rampling gives some sort of meaning.
> Thanks again
> Steffen
> On Jan 7, 10:55 pm, Dima Berastau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi Steffen,
>> Re: PureMVC. You should be able to use PureMVC or any other
>> architectural Flex framework with Ruboss if you want to. If you go
>> through any of the tutorials available on our github wiki and look at
>> the generated Flex code you'll notice the following:
>> 1. Models: Generated Ruboss Models is something you'll definitely  
>> want
>> to keep/evolve as necessary independently of what architectural style
>> you pick. You'll find them in <yourproject>/app/flex/<yourpackage>/
>> models.
>> 2. ApplicationController. This is something that hooks up your
>> application models to the rest of the Ruboss framework and is
>> typically initialized as soon as possible in the application life-
>> cycle. Again, there's little reason to edit/through-away this file,  
>> it
>> can be regenerated for you as well.
>> 3. Generated view components. These live in <yourproject>/app/flex/
>> <yourpackage>/components/generated. As the "generated" prefix
>> suggests, you are more than welcome to throw these away and roll
>> whatever you find appropriate in their place. The view code that is
>> generated is more of a "lowest-common denominator"/"spare-parts". As
>> such it follows the simplest possible Flex design pattern (anonymous
>> view), does not use any architectural frameworks other than Flex
>> itself and is designed to have as little code as possible so that it
>> can be read and digested easily while still giving you basic CRUD
>> functionality.
>> Re: JRuby/BlazeDS. I've investigated this combination a few month
>> back. You can use JRuby with Ruboss-based projects right now, I am  
>> not
>> aware of any major issues around this, it should work as expected.  
>> The
>> interesting part is BlazeDS. If you are talking about totally
>> transparent integration then it means going from Ruby/Rails model
>> objects to Java objects and then to AMF, which seams like quite a bit
>> of work given that there's already XML, JSON and possibly with some
>> work RubyAMF support. I think it makes sense to use BlazeDS for the
>> new things that it brings to the table, namely "push". Again, there's
>> nothing that is Ruboss-specific here. You can push content to your
>> Flex client using BlazeDS from JRuby using any of the tutorials that
>> are currently out there. Once it's in Flex you can optionally
>> unmarshall that stuff into Ruboss Models or just use that data as you
>> would in any normal Flex application.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Dima
>> On 6-Jan-09, at 1:14 PM, Peter Armstrong wrote:
>>> Hi Steffen,
>>> Unfortunately, that outline is a bit outdated -- we had planned to
>>> cover Blaze DS when we created the outline, but I think instead  
>>> we're
>>> going to cover Rails 3 / DataMapper and other things more.  We're
>>> going to evolve the book and its outline once we get going on it
>>> again; it should be better than the current outline.  (The book is  
>>> not
>>> dead; it's just resting while we sort out Hello! Flex.  Expect a
>>> flurry of activity in 1-3 months.)
>>> Regarding PureMVC, I'll defer my answer to Dima...
>>> Thanks,
>>> Peter
>>> On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 5:08 AM, sejensen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> First thanks for Flexible Rails, which we own and have used last  
>>>> year
>>>> to build an app with Flex and rubyAMF talking with Rails.
>>>> My background is that we are building several Flex apps and I have
>>>> fallen in love with BlazeDS, especially amf and server push,  
>>>> which I
>>>> think is the way to go. ( We are using it even though BlazeDS do  
>>>> not
>>>> perform well with many clients, when using server push.)
>>>> I can see that You are planning to have a discussion in the
>>>> Enterprise
>>>> Flexible Rails book about JRuby, BlazeDS and Ruboss. I would really
>>>> love to use exactly that combination. But do you know if it will be
>>>> able to use Server push and how to do it?. I do not think we can  
>>>> wait
>>>> until the book is out to decide which way to go.
>>>> My next question is, will I be able to use PureMVC as framework in
>>>> Flex when using Ruboss without too much code change?
>>>> Thank you very much
>>>> /Steffen
>>>> Software designer
>>> --
>>> Peter Armstrong
>>> CEO and Co-Founder, Ruboss Technology Corporation (www.ruboss.com)
>>> Author: Flexible Rails (http://manning.com/armstrong), Enterprise
>>> Flexible Rails (http://manning.com/armstrong2/) and Hello! Flex 4
>>> (http://manning.com/armstrong3)
>> Dima Berastau
>> CTO and Co-Founder, Ruboss Technology Corporation (www.ruboss.com)
> >

Dima Berastau
CTO and Co-Founder, Ruboss Technology Corporation (www.ruboss.com)

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