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[ruboss-framework] 1.1.1 framework release Dima Berastau Fri Jan 09 23:00:18 2009

Hi everyone,

Release 1.1.1 of the ruboss framework and ruboss4ruby gem is now  

What's new from 1.0.x:
- Much more expressive model/metadata handling. See: 
  for details
- CouchDB support. Both direct (without any intermediate servers) and  
indirect (you can set-up your Rails, Sinatra app to use CouchDB as a  
backend). See:
  and http://github.com/malkomalko/couchdb-ruboss-sinatra-poc/tree/master 
  for an example of either approach.
- Google App Engine support. See: 
  and http://github.com/dima/pomodo_on_gae/tree/master for details.
- There's been quite a bit of refactoring behind the scenes as result  
there are some changes which are incompatible with 1.0.x. See the API  
for details: http://dima.github.com/ruboss_framework/ and 
- New ruboss-gen generator for generating standalone AIR/Flex apps  
with ability to generate Google App Engine back-end as well. Run  
"ruboss-gen -h" for help after upgrading and see: 
  for details.
- Several service providers are available via HTTPService and AS3  
HttpClient, see API docs and 
  for details.
- You can message JSON as well as XML. Switch to the relevant service  
provider to use either XML or JSON.

When upgrading from 1.0.x watch out for:
- RubossCommandController doesn't exist anymore, there's now  
RubossApplicationController that your App controller should extend.
- afterCallback option is now onSuccess, e.g.  
project.create({afterCallback: onCreate}), should be  
project.create({onSuccess: onCreate})

1.1.1 will generate AIR descriptor files with:
<application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/1.5">

as opposed to:
<application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/1.0">

so that they can be compiled and run with Flex SDK 3.2.0 and AIR  
runtime 1.5. If you are using 3.1.0 SDK or older, simply change the  
version number back to 1.0.


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