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[ruboss-framework] Re: 1.1.1 framework release arshak Tue Jan 13 19:00:22 2009

Along these lines I started playing with 1.1 and got stuck with
something really basic.  After doing the refactoring for 1.1.  Even
though the app is authenticating properly against rails and I see the
XML come back with the user (as apposed to badLogin) for some reason
instead of going to onLoginSuccess it seems to go to onLoginFailure

Ruboss.http(onLoginSuccess, onLoginFailure).invoke("session.fxml",
                                        { login: "screener", password: 
"screener" }, "POST", true);


On Jan 9, 10:04 pm, Dima Berastau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Release1.1.1 of the ruboss framework and ruboss4ruby gem is now  
> available.
> What's new from 1.0.x:
> - Much more expressive model/metadata handling. 
> See:http://wiki.github.com/dima/ruboss_framework/working-with-ruboss-models
>   for details
> - CouchDB support. Both direct (without any intermediate servers) and  
> indirect (you can set-up your Rails, Sinatra app to use CouchDB as a  
> backend). 
> See:http://wiki.github.com/dima/ruboss_framework/using-couchdb-in-flexair...
>   andhttp://github.com/malkomalko/couchdb-ruboss-sinatra-poc/tree/master
>   for an example of either approach.
> - Google App Engine support. 
> See:http://wiki.github.com/dima/ruboss_framework/developing-flex-applicat...
>   andhttp://github.com/dima/pomodo_on_gae/tree/masterfor details.
> - There's been quite a bit of refactoring behind the scenes as result  
> there are some changes which are incompatible with 1.0.x. See the API  
> for 
> details:http://dima.github.com/ruboss_framework/andhttp://dima.github.com/ruboss4ruby/
> - New ruboss-gen generator for generating standalone AIR/Flex apps  
> with ability to generate Google App Engine back-end as well. Run  
> "ruboss-gen -h" for help after upgrading and 
> see:http://wiki.github.com/dima/ruboss_framework/developing-standalone-ai...
>   for details.
> - Several service providers are available via HTTPService and AS3  
> HttpClient, see API docs 
> andhttp://wiki.github.com/dima/ruboss_framework/working-with-ruboss-serv...
>   for details.
> - You can message JSON as well as XML. Switch to the relevant service  
> provider to use either XML or JSON.
> When upgrading from 1.0.x watch out for:
> - RubossCommandController doesn't exist anymore, there's now  
> RubossApplicationController that your App controller should extend.
> - afterCallback option is now onSuccess, e.g.  
> project.create({afterCallback: onCreate}), should be  
> project.create({onSuccess: onCreate})
> 1.1.1 will generate AIR descriptor files with:
> <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/1.5">
> as opposed to:
> <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/1.0">
> so that they can be compiled and run with Flex SDK 3.2.0 and AIR  
> runtime 1.5. If you are using 3.1.0 SDK or older, simply change the  
> version number back to 1.0.
> Regards,
> Dima
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