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[ruboss-framework] Re: the future of the framework Robert Malko Thu Jan 15 05:00:30 2009


Congrats on the new name, and the direction of taking this towards the
MIT category.  I think these are both two excellent steps in getting
your product out to the masses.  I'd also like to thank Dima for
putting in a lot of hard work on documentation already, as I've found
it increasingly easy to find the help I'm looking for without
bothering him.

Let me dance around some random thoughts for a moment:

restfulX is an interesting name, as it rolls off the tongue in a fun
way, and it doesn't seem to be used for anything else out there right
now.  As someone who considers himself to have some minor design
skill, I would love to take a few stabs at coming up with some logo
ideas but first ask if you think the restful nature of your product
should be the main focal point.  To me, your tools are about a lot
more than just the restful paradigm, AND to some degree, the fact that
it's a Flex centric restful framework is very unique.  I'm just trying
to stir some thought process of how you would envision communicating
the word restfulX, as Peter's second recommendation of "rest fulex"
speaks more words to me.

Anyway, that was a lot of random babble.  On to some ideas for the

I've been doing a lot of work on my schema_to_yaml plugin, and have
come up with some interesting thoughts on better utilizing the
model.yml file and a custom yml file to give lots of flex-ability (no
pun intended) in creating your restfulX applications.  You can take a
look at http://github.com/malkomalko/schema_to_yaml/tree/master.  The
main thing to note here is that I drew big inspiration from your
model.yml examples where you would have a - HasMany: [Model1, Model2,
Model3].  In my mind, I was thinking method definition's in yml.  This
is how I figured out a good way to do HasManyThrough:
(has_many_through: [permissions, roles]).  Utilizing this type of
method definition, you can extract out the information and store it
into an array.  All you have to do then, is check for the size of the
array and you can do some pretty incredible things through code

I have many more ideas planned for this type of YAML Method Syntax (as
I'm calling it), and really think some more work and fine tuning could
really close a lot of gaps.  For instance, I have it now where you can
set which attachment plugin you use via a settings file, throw in an
attachment_field: [avatar] in your model.yml file (Or it'll just
introspect your database if you already have a schema to dump out the
proper model.yml) and know to give you all the right actionscript so
file uploads just work immediately.

My main goal with this, is to include ui code snippets/layouts, for a
wide variety of ui-design-patterns.  Things like sortable tree grids,
comment bubbles, parent > child selection... etc.  After building up a
big library of these type of patterns, it would be really easy to
throw together a very powerful generated application.

Thoughts?  restfulX stays out of your way so much, and is so elegant
and giving you the power to do whatever you need to hit a database/
service, that I feel like this type of work to make the code
generation top of the line, is a good logical next step.


On Jan 15, 1:46 am, Peter Armstrong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As a form of motivation, this is the current 
> logo:http://ruboss-framework.googlegroups.com/web/restfulX_logo_large.png
> It is driven by exactly one constraint: I can't draw!!!
> So, this is a very low bar!
> Thanks
> -Peter
> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 10:31 PM, Dima Berastau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'd also like to say thanks to Peter for coming up with the name
> > restfulX. I didn't even hesitate when he pinged me about it.
> > This may have been lost in the longish emails flying around but: We
> > are looking for a logo for restfulX. so if you'd like to try your hand
> > at something visual do give it a shot.
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Dima
> > On 14-Jan-09, at 9:51 PM, Peter Armstrong wrote:
> >> Hi all,
> >> I'd just like to say thanks to everyone here for their support of the
> >> Ruboss Framework in 2008.  I'd also like to say a huge thanks to Dima
> >> for the massive amount of work he has done getting the framework to
> >> this point.
> >> 2009 is going to be a great year for restfulX.  Besides the evolution
> >> of the framework that Dima discussed, there's going to be a renewed
> >> focus on documentation as well.  Yeah, the book will actually get new
> >> chapters.
> >> Now that the framework is MIT-licensed, there's now no longer any
> >> license issues with using the framework in your commercial projects.
> >> Also, since the MIT license is the license that Rails uses, you don't
> >> have any additional explaining to do to your manager...
> >> The naming of everything (like, for example, the name of this group)
> >> will all get updated in the days and weeks ahead.
> >> Regarding the copyright, what we're doing is simple: Dima's name is
> >> going on the copyright since he's the lead developer of restfulX (and
> >> since there's no "restfulX Foundation").  Putting the lead developer's
> >> name on the copyright instead of Ruboss's name emphasizes the
> >> community nature of the project–this is also similar to how Rails is
> >> more closely associated with DHH than with 37signals.
> >> To our clients: Ruboss is still 100% focused on consulting work using
> >> the framework; the framework just has a different name now.
> >> Finally, a note about pronunciation: the official pronunciation is
> >> "restful ex".  A close second is "rest fulex", which emphasizes the
> >> ties to Flex.  But whatever you do, don't say "rest fulks"!
> >> Thanks for your support of restfulX and of Ruboss!
> >> -Peter
> > Dima Berastau
> > CTO and Co-Founder, Ruboss Technology Corporation (www.ruboss.com)
> --
> Peter Armstrong
> CEO and Co-Founder, Ruboss Technology Corporation (www.ruboss.com)
> Author: Flexible Rails (http://manning.com/armstrong), Enterprise
> Flexible Rails (http://manning.com/armstrong2/) and Hello! Flex 4
> (http://manning.com/armstrong3)
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