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[sage-devel] Can someone review a python update please Dr. David Kirkby Sun May 30 16:00:38 2010

The module _socket was failing to build on OpenSolaris. I've reported this as a bug, and between myself and a python developer, we have a solution. I'd like someone to review it.


I realise not many people have OpenSolaris installed, so you will just have to trust me that that it does build the _socket module, though of course I've shown the output on the trac ticket.

I've shown the results of the build when tested on

* Linux (sage.math)
* OS X (bsd.math)
* Solaris 10 SPARC (my own machine)
* OpenSolaris (my own machine).

The patch file looks huge, but that is because it has a lightly modified copy of a huge file in python. The actual changes to the C code are quite small.

If someone could take a look at


I would appreciate it, before someone else makes yet another change to python, and I have to rebase it again!


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