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[sage-devel] Cygwin - think about 64-bit too. Dr. David Kirkby Sun May 30 17:00:30 2010

I know Mike and William are working on the Cygwin port now (perhaps others are too).

I believe the initial port is going to be 32-bit, which is all I belive Cygwin supports now. It is certainly not beyond the bounds of possibility that a 64-bit version of Cygwin becomes available.

So I would consider the implication of your changes if SAGE64 is set to "yes".

Micheal originally only allowed that environment variable to work on OS X, which was a bit stupid, considering he was paid to work on the Solaris port, and Solaris needs that option too! Virtually all packages in Sage should now add -m64 as a compiler flag if SAGE64 is set to yes.

I would consider that while making patches for Cygwin. I can assure you, there is nothing more boring than going around making changes to permit a 64-bit build, when with foresight you could have avoided the hassle.


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