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[sage-devel] Sage + Hadoop akm Tue Feb 21 14:00:29 2012

Dear Group,

I’m in the ‘big data’ practice at Accenture and am also a big fan of
Sagemath, using it almost daily.  I’ve recently started wondering what
interest you and the community would have in integrating Sagemath a
bit with Hadoop or another map-reduce framework so that operations
written in Sage could be shipped off to a running cluster for some
distributed computation, along with being able to run Sage on much
larger datasets than would fit on a single host.

There are some existing solutions which are clients to Hadoop’s map-
reduce framework, such as Hive, which provides a pretty standard SQL-
like front-end to a live cluster, that made me wonder if there’s not a
way to extend the usefulness of Sagemath in a similar way.

I'd love to hear what interest there was in this idea.


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