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Re: [sage-devel] OS X 10.7 testers needed Justin C. Walker Tue Apr 03 16:01:05 2012

On Apr 3, 2012, at 06:11 , Jeroen Demeyer wrote:

> Could somebody with an OS X 10.7 machine please try to build the
> following from source, preferably with SAGE_CHECK=yes:
> http://boxen.math.washington.edu/home/jdemeyer/release/sage-5.0.beta12-gcc/sage-5.0.beta12-gcc.tar

Second download worked.

The build (with "-j8") failed in MPIR, because "could not find a working 

I can provide the log if needed.


Justin C. Walker, Curmudgeon at Large
Institute for the Absorption of Federal Funds
I'm beginning to like the cut of his jibberish.

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