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[sage-support] 2D plot axis numbers blues chuck_starchaser Thu Aug 27 16:00:38 2009

Hello. I'm new to Sage. I have a terrible problem with 2D plots:
Sometimes I get numbers in the y axis, sometimes I get only one
number, and there rest are marks without lables; so I can't tell the
scale; and sometimes I don't get any numbers at all. This is terribly
frustrating for me, because I'm trying to use plots to verify that
some functions work correctly. I could also use seeing grid lines,
with finer division; but in the plot() documentation I can't find any
hints on how to control these things. The plots look pretty but they
are useless for numerical inspection. Should I be using a different

Also, I tried publishing my worksheet, but it publishes it to my own
computer, instead of to the sage server.


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