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[sage-devel] REU at University of Washington William Stein Sun Mar 27 23:00:11 2011


In case you have any undergrad students (US only, unfortunately) who
are interested in applying to an REU, we will have one at University
of Washington this summer that will very heavily involve Sage, since
I'm co-running it.  The two main topics will be:  (1) elliptic curves
 and   (2) graph theory/inverse problems.    The relevant web pages

   * http://wiki.sagemath.org/reu/2011
   * http://www.math.washington.edu/~reu/

The application deadline is *this* Friday.  So if you have any
undergraduates who might be interested, forward this email to them
asap!     (Our funding situation is pretty good, and I'm told so far
we've received far less applications than usual, perhaps due to some
confusion when NSF posted the list of REU's.)

 -- William

William Stein
Professor of Mathematics
University of Washington

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