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[sage-support] Re: Import scikits sklearn fails? DavidG Tue Jan 17 14:00:37 2012

I used my default python2.6 which is running in 32 bit architecture to
compile  the sklearn module
I'm running a 64 bit version of SAGE, hence the incompatability.
Given the error  and instruction to run "Make" first. How can I run
make from within sage.
Also using the command "sage -sh" from my terminal gives the error:

$ sage -sh
-bash: sage: command not found

opening a sage session and using the sage terminal:
cd to the source directory and typing setup results in:

NameError: name 'setup' is not defined

So I guess the question becomes how do I install a package into the
sage directory with the correct architecture.
(FWIW I'm on  running Mac OSX 10.6)

On Jan 1, 10:09 pm, Maarten Derickx <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> It seems that you installed sklearn in the wrong way. To install sklearn for 
> usage with sage do:
> sage -sh
> To start a shell wich is configered so that all sage directories and binaries 
> and the sage python are in your path. And then do whatever the sklearn 
> documentation sais you should do.
> We cannot help you much more then this since we are not the sklearn 
> mailinglist and hence have no detailed knowledge how to install sklearn 
> properly.

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