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[sage-support] Re: Reserved words (Sage + Cython) Simon King Sat Feb 18 06:00:47 2012

Hi Oleksandr,

On 17 Feb., 21:52, Oleksandr Kazymyrov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Can anyone reproduce the same bug on Ubuntu?

The situation somehow reminds me a problem that I once had with a
wrapper of the C-MeatAxe (an implementation of matrices that I use it
in an optional Sage package). There was a C-function (I think it was
called "matid"), but in order to make it work on Solaris, I had to
rename the function. It turned out that the linker was mistaking the
function with another function of the same name in a totally different
package. So, that should probably be called a Solaris bug, not a Sage

If a similar thing is happening here as well, I suggest to be
practical: Rename it, if that solves the problem.


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