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[sage-support] polygon graph is too small (wrong scale) Goebbe Sat Feb 18 18:00:17 2012

Using sage 4.8 in the notebook environment I have problems to scale

For example, the following code generates a graphs that seems to be to
small (not high enough):

polygon2d([[0,0],[0,1],[-1,0]], rgbcolor=(1,0,1),xmin=-4, xmax=4,
ymin=0, ymax=1)

The final goal is to fill (non trivial) areas in plots, but when
trying this the plots are much too small.
here is the large example:
signi = 0.1
lu = NV01.cum_distribution_function_inv(signi/2)
lo = NV01.distribution_function(lu)
ru = NV01.cum_distribution_function_inv(1-(signi/2))
ro = NV01.distribution_function(ru)
p = NV01.plot((x,-4,4), fill='axis',fillcolor='blue',fillalpha='0.2')
p += polygon([(lu,0),(lu,NV01.distribution_function(lu))] +
[(x,NV01.distribution_function(x)) for x in [lu-0.1,lu-0.2,..,-2]] +
[(-4,0),(lu,0)], rgbcolor=(1,0,0), alpha=0.3)
p += polygon([(ru,0),(ru,NV01.distribution_function(ru))] +
[(x,NV01.distribution_function(x)) for x in [ru+0.1,ru+0.2,..,2 ]] +
[ (4,0),(ru,0)], rgbcolor=(1,0,0), alpha=0.3)

Is this a bug?
Does anybody know a workaround?

Thanks in advance

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