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Re: [sage-support] Re: sage -t has changed recently ? Laurent Tue Feb 21 09:00:25 2012

 On 21 Feb., 14:24, Laurent<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote:
 Is it normal ? With older versions of sage the same docstring was working.

 Really? I doubt it.

Yes, really ;)
Well, in fact I did not tested THAT example on Sage 4.7, but my usual programs had doctrings that were working on 4.7 and that are no more working. I just created that example now in order to individuate the problem ... could be something else.

So, pragmatically, how can I use doctests with sage ?
If I add "from sagess import *" as first line of my docstring, then it works provided my file is in PYTHONPATH.

But what if I don't want to add "from ... import *" at the beginning of each docstring ?


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