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[savagechoreography] NaturalBodybuildingEvents.com - 2010 Natural Contest Schedule Natural Bodybuilding Events Wed Dec 09 14:00:52 2009

Hello All!

The 2010 Natural Contest Schedule has been posted on 
NaturalBodybuildingEvents.com. The link to the 2010 schedule is available at 
the top of my home page on http://www.NaturalBodybuildingEvents.com. 

Also, all show info has been added to the bottom of individual state pages 
after the last 2009 show for that state. For example - Massachusetts: 


The 2010 schedule will be updated frequently and many more shows will be added 
so bookmark and/or keep an eye on it. There will be updates to the schedule 
quite often.

And if you are a Natural Show promoter and your show is not listed on the 2010 
schedule, send your show info to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and it will be posted ASAP.

Have a great day!

Joe AgoStinelli