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[CANCELED} Re: [VOTE] Release Apache James jSieve 0.5 Eric Charles Wed Feb 22 00:00:48 2012

Hi Stefano,

I don't understand what you mean with the references in the LICENSE/NOTICE. If you look at jsieve 0.4 release, there are no such references, and to my understanding it's not the goal of these files to list the jars.

Btw, one thing to do is to update the RELEASE_NOTE.txt (one more reason to cancel).


On 21/02/12 22:46, Stefano Bagnara wrote:
2012/2/21 Eric Charles<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hi Stefano,
See comment inside.

I will cancel the vote and relaunch a new one after fixing assembly.

Thx for your review, Eric

Thanks to you for the hard work! Reviewing is easy compared to pushing releases!

On 21/02/12 12:01, Stefano Bagnara wrote:
, so maybe something gone wrong with the latest pom changes or with
the release process.

src are available:


... but  a single tarball with all of them is not... - I had issues with the
assemble module, desactivated it for the release, now I fixed it.

I'm not sure this is "right", as they are not the full sources of our
product: they don't include the root stuff (like the website and
release notes) and they don't include tests.

One thing to check after you fix the assembly is the LICENSE/NOTICE
for the bin assembly: they have to include references to the jars
included in the binary tar.


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