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RE: Retrieve body of the message Jentu Jain Tue Mar 06 05:00:58 2012

Thanks Loan. I'll try out these options and let you know.

Jentu Jain | Datacert, Inc.

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2012/3/6 Jentu Jain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Thanks Stan.


Please call me Ioan, Stan is my family name.

> The method getBodyContent() gives MIME message but I need the parsed MIME 
> message. The message may have say images, attachments, text etc.. I just want 
> to get the text(plain or html) part of the message.

Use mime4j to parse the message and get the parts that you need [1].
James does the same if it implements the above mentioned IMAP FETCH command.

Looking at class FetchCommandParser from protocols package I believe James 
supports partial fetch with text see  method addNextElement().

You can find examples of IMAP FETCH commands (with TEXT argument) in the 
mailbox-integration-tester package. Check the scripts at [2], especially the 
ones with Fetch*. They are examples of how an imap session between client and 
server takes place.

I don't know which IMAP FETCH command and args will give you what you need 
(you'll find out in the RFC :) [3] ) but I think it's possible to get what you 
need by sending the appropriate IMAP commands, without implementing your own 

If not, please consider adding support for those commands to James.


[1] http://james.apache.org/mime4j/usage.html
[3] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3501#section-6.4.5
Ioan Eugen Stan

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