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Re: [sony_psp] chrome psp Christopher Fail Mon Jan 15 00:02:25 2007

hey if ya wanna pic,send me a yahoo instant message   

Christopher Fail <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:          i hope so too bro.it looks 
sweet chromed out with the new buttons and all

Greg Gaub <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:       christopher wrote:

>i took a scan of my chrome psp.not very nice looking but you can 
>atleast see the new buttons.i will get a new digital camera and take 
>some pictures of it but either way why can't i post the pic i have of 
>it in the albums?why wont the site let me?
Not sure. Are you logged in?
Nevermind, it looks like the list moderator has it set up so that only 
certain people, probably owner/moderators can post pictures.
Hopefully they'll either open it up or offer to post your photo for you.



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