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Re: [sony_psp] 3.72 firmware downgrade? Wayne Gunnell Fri Nov 09 06:44:46 2007

As far as I know you can't downgrade to 1.50 from anything above 3.50. 
However, you have someone flash your PSP with 3.71 m33-2 custom firmware with 
a1.50 kernel that will run most homebrew.
That's what I did to my Slim and it works great.

Wayne (Boston, MA)

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  From: hustler22mbr 
  Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2007 3:12 AM
  Subject: [sony_psp] 3.72 firmware downgrade?

  hi guys, im new here.i was hoping some1 can help me bout downgrading 
  my PSP from 3.72 to 1.50 so i can install a custom firmware..il 
  appreciate any help u can extend.thanx guys.