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[spree-user] Accuracy of current documentation? Chris Cleeland Tue Jan 31 18:09:15 2012

I took a careful look at Spree last spring, then shelved active
interest due to other things taking precedence.  I'm now back on
active interest with rusty Ruby/RoR skills, and looking at setting up
a store based on spree again.  When I first looked, there was skew
between documentation and code reality, but much time has passed and a
lot has happened in the Spree world since then (I've maintained an
active subscription to this list, so I've seen a marked increase in
interest and activity).  Are the docs available at
http://guides.spreecommerce.com/ pretty accurate against the released
version of the code?

I have one atypical requirement for me store: a paid membership is
required in order to make purchases.  I doubt that feature is
available in a common extension (though I admit I haven't looked yet),
so I'm wondering if anybody has had a similar requirement and how it's
been handled.


Chris Cleeland

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