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[spree-user] Re: Thoughts on a Multi-Vendor setup soyoh Wed Feb 22 01:00:18 2012

i'm interested in something similar, i was thinking how to do it, and this 
is what i thought:
my idea is to create something similar to etsy functionality, so:
1 - an unique global order.
3 - each global order, must have "sub orders", where line items are related 
to it, and this sub-order is related to a vendor/store 
3 - at checkout, create multiple form-checkouts (dont know how to call it) 
for the each "sub-order" so, each vendor get paid separatelly

i'm new with Spree, so dont know if this is posible to do without breaking 
or being intrusive.
(i've create something similar, but with PHP and a custom made ecommerce.)

(sorry my poor english)

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