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Re: [sqlite] count distinct group by Igor Tandetnik Wed Jul 28 16:02:06 2010

Peng Yu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Suppose that I have a table of 4 columns.
> S      R1           R2       T
> --------------------------------
> s1    r1             r2         t1
> s1    r1             r2         t2
> s2    r3             r4         t5
> s2    r5             r4         t6
> s3    r6             r7         t7
> s3    r6             r8         t9
> s4    r9             r10       t10
> I want to select only the rows where if S column are the same, R1
> column is the same and R2 column is the same.

select * from mytable where s in
(select s from mytable
 group by s
 having min(r1)=max(r1) and min(r2)=max(r2)

Igor Tandetnik

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