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Re: Wi-Fi switch suggestion and exit request. kolbysoft Fri May 01 07:02:35 2009

Sad but true, all hail our engineering mastermind overlords at G.


On May 1, 8:26 am, schwiz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> google is taking away the ability for developers to switch things like
> wifi on and off in the cupcake patch which is being rolled out any
> day.  >:(
> On Apr 30, 10:08 pm, cebweb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I was wondering how hard it would be to implement an option for steel
> > to enable WI-FI when launched and then turn it off again when using
> > the exit command. I am picturing something like the half dozen "quick
> > settings" programs out there but integrated into steel as to not worry
> > about opening another program. Ideally I imagine a stand alone program
> > that will run in the background and scan for user specified
> > applications. If those apps are launched it activates WI-FI for the
> > period of time that app is being used, but that is a whole other
> > barrel of fish and a more complicated. Also could a long press on the
> > back button activate the exit steel command? Using the same style of
> > command that the home key uses to access 'recent applications'.
> > Currently I am spamming the back button or opening a new window just
> > to close the app.
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