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Possible alternative for DSS: Catra Streaming Server Volkert de Buisonjé Wed Jan 03 12:01:11 2007

Happy New Year everyone,

My colleague just tried out a recent win32 build of the so-called Catra
Streaming Server, an open source project by an italian developer.

This is the first version he managed to run successfully and RTSP streaming
apparently works. It even supports some cool features that DDS lacks, one of
which is on-the-fly hinting of 3gp files and some other formats (it will
stream other formats fine as long as they're prehinted).

Since on-the-fly hinting was one of the most wanted feature requests for DSS
I've seen passing by in this mailing list recently, and many people are
getting fed up with the slow pace of development on DSS from the part of
Apple, I thought I'd start a discussion about this possible alternative.

Who else here has experience with the Catra Streaming Server?

You can download it here:

Disclaimer: I'm not spamming or anything, I don't even know the



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