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DSS streaming Port Umakant Goyal Sun Nov 22 12:00:10 2009

Hi All,

We are capturing the live stream using Capturing Server and streaming
captured stream to RTSP clients using Darwin Streaming Server 5.5.4.
Currently, we are capturing and streaming two live streams
(channels).Therefore, we have placed two sdp files (1.sdp and 2.sdp) in
media directory of DSS.

When two different clients request to DSS for streaming of two different
channels then we see that DSS using same port to stream two channels.
For example, First RTSP Client requests to DSS for live streaming using rtsp
url 1.sdp and second RTSP client requests for second live stream using url
Then DSS streams the two live channles to both of the clients using same
port e.f  6000.

As we know, Server should use different port for each stream that it is
Please clear given doubt.

Thanks in Advance
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