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+1 for the guys having weird client behavior on Windows Bill Bartilson Thu Mar 04 12:00:28 2010

So we did a live streaming event yesterday. Qtbroadcaster on a MacbookPro. QTSS on an XServe. Same install I've been using for quite some time. No software updates beyond once I got it working. I updated the server and repaired permissions yesterday after this failure. No help, but no new problems either.

Macintosh clients seemed to be fine regardless of QT version or location. Windows clients on the LAN played audio, but did not display any video. AFAIK, no local windows client saw any video. Connected users panel of Server Admin showed them getting the full bandwidth stream including video.

Clients in the cloud displayed similar, but less consistent behavior - some displayed video, some didn't. Normally I would expect some variation as any client behind a firewall is suspect for not passing UDP. But a client getting *any* connection *should* get both the audio and video.

I remember someone on the list recently having issues with Windows clients, but I don't recall exactly what they were. If there's some common thread, maybe we can find it.

If anyone else has any ideas, please feel free to ask questions/give input. I'm quite stumped at the moment. This is a configuration that has worked splendidly for several years, and suddenly doesn't. To me that suggests something on the client side. The server logs and traffic data support this notion, as does Wireshark on the server.

AFAIK all our Windows clients are still XP, with a very few Windows 7 clients in IT. No Vista, which is why I didn't think I had much to offer our other user in terms of troubleshooting or solution. Now I'm not so sure. Configuration works, then it doesn't.

Odd, that.


Bill Bartilson

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