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Re: [sugar] alt-tabbing to the Journal Mikus Grinbergs Fri Sep 26 09:00:29 2008

> Task switching by alt-tab seems pretty quick to me. Thinking about and
> finding a different key to get Journal when you want it seems harder
> than tabbing past it when you don't.

I agree about "seems harder" when one has to switch from using the 
keyboard to using the pointer.  But to me using the Journal key is 
*not* "harder" than using alt-tab.

I myself don't do any "hard thinking" about how to get to another 
screen.  If I want to go to *system facilities*, I use dedicated 
keys to call them up;  if I want to interact with "where I'm doing 
my work", I use alt-tab to reach those screens.

> My basic view is that the frame, dedicated keys and alt-tabbing are all
> designed to give the same sort of functionality that we have in
> multi-window systems of easily cutting and pasting between activities,
> rolling through the running activities, and starting new ones when
> needed. As such, I think that the more capability that's exposed with
> alt-tabbing the better.

My view is that alt-tabbing should be restricted to Activities.

I'm not familiar with the MacOS finder - but I prefer to maintain a 
mental distinction between going to: "what I am working with", and 
going to: "the system".  When I use alt-tab for the former (which I 
do often), I *don't* want my progress cluttered up with system data. 
I use the latter much more rarely (e.g., to launch an Activity), and 
am willing to then use keys other than alt-tab.


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