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Page redirect from pageBeginRender method? Bocko Thu Mar 31 02:47:43 2005


Problem is that my component could not throw pageRedirectException or use 
cycle.activate("page") in method pageBeginRender. How could I go to other page 
from this method. (I need to go to error page from this method in my app)

Longer explanation:
I have 2 components (that I developed) in page. The result I want is that when 
user click on link in first component (DirectLink) the other component will 
show data based on received data from first component. and some manipulation. 
Component dose this manipulation in method pageBeginRender() - and if there is 
some error I can't move to my error page.
If component do this manipulation in method pageValidate, then component will 
not have any data to show because, setting of data (from DirectLink) happens 
after this method was called. Result is that display of data is always one 
click late. When user click second time on the link, then the data from the 
first time is displayed.
Component passed data to each other by Visit object.