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Tynamo Security and Tapestry case insensitive paths Barry Books Fri Feb 04 05:00:41 2011

First I'd like to say the Tynamo-Security/Shiro package is great, but
I've run into a simple problem I'm not sure how to solve. I don't
think it's really a Tynamo problem but an interaction between how
Shiro expects URLs to work and Tapestry case insensitive URLs. I was
working on a simple site with an admin account and an admin directory
so I added the following to the shiro.ini file:

/admin/** = authc, roles[administrator]

The problem is if you go to /Admin the authentication is bypassed
because /admin != /Admin. I realize this is a feature but it does not
seem very desirable. I also realize I could annotate all my admin
pages and fix this but that's some amount of work and error prone. I
looked thru the Shiro docs and I don't see anyway to do a case
insensitive match. I thought I might be able to fix this with a
URLRewriter and map /Admin to /admin but that does not seem to work

Am I missing something? Is there any simple way to resolve this?


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