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[The Unique Geek] Re: What Are You Reading - 2012 Luke Jaconetti Thu Feb 09 06:00:55 2012

Van, I was thinking of your recommendation of the Ravenor books when
he shows up in the third book.  When we first meet the character in
the second book, I was thinking "how the heck can this guy start in
his own stories?" but when he shows up again in the third one, all was
made clear.  I am definitely going to pick that Omnibus up.  I also
have the Grey Knights Omnibus to read, which ties into the Inquisition
as well (militant arm).

About the only thing which chaffs me after finishing Eisenhorn is that
it is now very difficult to play an Inquisition force like we see in
the books (I am thinking the end of book one).  The previous edition
rules allowed you to play a "Daemonhunters" or "Witchhunters" army
where you had an Inquisitor and their crew, and then you could fill it
out with Stormtroopers (like the Kasrkin from the second book) and
conscripted Imperial Guardsmen (think the Gudrunite 50th Rifles from
the first book).  Now, the "Daemonhunters" have become straight Grey
Knights so you can't do that anymore.  :(

On an unrelated note I am really enjoying How The West Was Won.
L'amour has such an easy style to read, and his knack for description
is great.

On Feb 8, 4:23 pm, Van <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Amen.  Preach it, brother Luke.
> And the Ravenor books are even better.
> I was on something of a WH40K kick, myself, the last couple of
> months.  I've been reading the "Horus Heresy" novels, which are sort
> of prequels to the "contemporary" (or main timeline) novels.  Some of
> them are quite good.  I particularly enjoyed LEGION by Dan Abnett.
> I also just finished one of the last few Parker books I hadn't read,
> by Richard Stark (Donald E Westlake).  This one was called DEADLY
> EDGE, and involves Parker helping to rob a concert auditorium during a
> show, and then dealing with two killers who begin knocking off his
> team, one by one, to take the stolen cash from them.  That whole
> series is soooo goooood.
> I'm also reading the library's copy of SWING YOUR SWORD, which is
> (former Texas Tech football coach) Mike Leach's book.  It's pretty fun
> reading.  He's an interesting guy with some unique perspectives.
> Luke, I think you might like the book I'm just finishing up writing
> currently.  I need to get a copy to you when it's out.
> --Van
> On Feb 7, 7:51 am, Luke Jaconetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The old thread timed out once again, so here's a new one.
> > I just finished reading Hereticus by Dan Abnett, the final volume of
> > the Eisenhorn trilogy (and the Eisenhorn Omnibus) last night.  This
> > was an amazing series of books which I wholly recommend to anyone who
> > will listen.
> > Next on the queue: How The West Was Won by Louis L'amour.- Hide quoted text 
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