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[The Unique Geek] Google rumored to launch sub-$250 7-inch tablet in July Cary Preston Fri Apr 06 14:00:32 2012


Google can toss a ton of cash behind it, but if it's a 7 inch tablet
designed to compete with the Kindle Fire it won't have much horsepower and
won't do much to compete with the iPad. It'll be behind the Fire in
content, too; I really think that's the Fire's biggest selling point. It's
different enough from the iPad not to be a direct competitor and has an
established base behind it (books, music, video, and Amazon's App Store).
Google lately seems like they don't know what the heck they are. The 'throw
it at the wall and see if it sticks' strategy was fun in Google's early
days but it's a liability now.

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