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[ts] Re: Search isn't working as expected naven87 Mon Jul 19 21:00:25 2010

Depending on what degree of wild card matching you want enable star
and set infix/prefix in sphinx.yml. Check here for more specifics:

On Jul 19, 5:53 pm, badnaam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> here is the define index on my votetopic model.
> define_index do
>         indexes :header
>         indexes :topic
>         indexes vote_items.option, :as => :option
>         indexes category.name, :as => :category_name
>         has created_at, updated_at, :total_votes
>         has category_id, user_id
>     end
> if I do a search for
> VoteTopic.search "tempora" it returns a few results. But
> VoteTopic.search "temp", return nothing.  Should it? If not, what do I
> need to do?
> Thanks

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