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[ts] Search query not returning all results Surbhi Wed Mar 30 02:00:29 2011


I have defined indexes as below..

define_index do
    indexes [user.first_name,user.last_name],:as=>:survey_created_by
    indexes questions(:question), :as => :question
    indexes geographical_areas(:name), :as => :country#,:with=>
{:area_type => 'Country'}
    has marketspaces(:id), :as => :marketspace_id
    indexes status,:as => :survey_status
    has start_date, :type => :datetime
    set_property :delta => true

Now when I exclude marketspace_id from the search query I do not get
the complete results. I should be getting 26 results but getting only
20 results.

When the marketspace_id is included in the search query the search
results are correct.

I even tried using with_all filter for marketspace id in search query

:with_all=>{:marketspace_id =>MarketSpace.collect(&:id) }

But even this is not giving the expected result..

Could you please help me resolve this issue.

Thanks and regards,

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