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Re: [ts] thinking sphinx multi valued attribute! mohitnegi Tue Jan 17 18:00:37 2012

Ahhh, got it.
thanks a lot

Searching on test result, getting test ids and then filtering is not 
feasible i guess, because of the limit on max search result sphinx provide. 
for that to work i have to increase my limit close to the no. of records in 
my database.

Can i merge all the scores(overall,section1,section2,section3) into one 
field and while searching chop the appropriate digits from this field.
something like 
overall    = 97.65
section1 = 82.67
section2 = 83.54
section3 = 76.45

so store these into a one multivalue field  9765826783547645 
and while searching lets say if section1 is provided then chop 
****8267******** from the field and go ahead with searching. 
but again if it's possible then if i have two scores then how to do 
operation *and* between sections and operation *or* between two scores.

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