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[ts] How to reindex those rows which has been missed Krishnaprasad Varma Sat Feb 18 00:00:13 2012


I have a user table which is indexed with delayed jobs. Everything is
working quite well .
Sometimes when the delayed jobs server goes down, the delta index
creation fails . hence there exists a mis match between the counts as
explained below

User.count = 1002
User.search.total_entries = 820

The remaining 180 has to be re processed to create the delta indexes .

I Tried rebuilding the indexes . But I have other models as well and
rebuilding can be done only together which takes more than a hour as i
have millions of data in one of the models .

How can i tackle this situation .

Is there any way to index a particular model ? that to without
stopping the searchd daemon ?
Is there any way to check weather all the items in the table has been
indexed ? if not what are the rows which has been skipped ?

Thank  you

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