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Re: Thunderbird to access Yahoo eMail w/o Premium Svc Thorne Thu Feb 25 00:00:12 2010

You are correct in that it turns off the spam filters alanrf I used the the site to get my yahoo mail into Thunderbird 3 it does work with out an add-on to Thunderbird. I have 3 yahoo accounts 2 hotmail 4 gmail and 2 mail.com accounts as well and ant time i can setup an account with out an add-on is really nice. I used the addons when i was still using TB2 and found that they only get half of the mail so that is why i use TB3 with out addons and I get all of my mail on every account....

On 2/25/2010 12:38 AM, alanrf wrote:
The page referred to above (using the Yahoo Asia option) turns off in
the Yahoo POP selection, by default,  the spam filtering in Yahoo so
the Junk folder is of no concern whatsoever.  You simply get all your
email downloaded via POP with no other concerns.  It means that you
will get all the spam mail downloaded - but that is why there are free
spam filter offerings like Spamihilator which I have used for some
time to filter the incoming mail (including Junk folder) through the
Yahoo Webmail add-on.

I'm not sure where Android phones and IMAP figure in the discussion.
Is there a way known (other than a non-Mozilla offering of a modified
version of Thunderbird 2) to access free Yahoo.com mail accounts via

On Feb 24, 6:09 pm, Ralph Stokes<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote:
If You Are Yahoo.com,
Try Using the IMAP Settings from this Page, I Just Found.
With POP Mail, You Do Not Normally Have Access to Your Other Folders,
Like Junk, and Have To Go Online Every Day to Ensure You Don't Have
Valuble Emails Wrongly Deposited in the Junk/Spam Box, or Set Yahoo Not
to Filter for What It Thinks Is Spam.
With IMAP Mail, You Usually Have All the Main Folders Available, Live,
as What You See Is What You Get. And Imitates Going to the Website, and
when You Delete emails, it is Deleted in the Email Page. Also You Can
Have several eMail Applications on the same PC or any other PC around
the World, You can See All your emails, from anywhere online. You Can
Also, especially View Them Off Line, with attachments, very easy.
The Webmail Extension, in Thunderbird Imitates IMAP (What You See Is
What You Get), and tends to Show All Your different Folders without you
have to go to the Website everyday to Check.
Settings for Yahoo.com IMAP that May or May 

I have Yahoo.co.uk Which (As With The UK Residents With Hotmail.com) Are
Free POP because of the high level of Smartphones Requiring Hotmail,
Yahoo and Gmail. Also AOL is free IMAP.

But With POP, It Is Limited, Usually to Just a Sent and Inbox, though,
often the POP account Sent Only Shows the "Sent from That Phone/PC, and
InBox. Also With The POP Mail, It Can Be a Pain, as, When You Receive an
Email in Pop, It Comes Down To Your PC/Phone, and Stack Up, and, after
reading the POP email, Thunderbird, or your phone, shows them as read,
and you might copy them to folders to organise, However, unless the
emails are deleted, they remain as "Unread" on The Server, meaning, If
You Go to Your Website (Hotmail/Yahoo) You May See 1,000s of "Unread
Emails. All The Emails You Have Ever Received, and Not Deleted, Are
Listed As Unread. To Make Matters Worse, When You Decide To Set Up Your
Mobile Smartphone to Receive Your emails from the Same email vendor, You
Will Get a Message Say 2,000 New Unread Emails, that take forever to
download to your Phone. However, If You Want all those Emails to Be Sent
To The Phone, then POP email Settings can be Good So You Get All the In
Box to the Phone.
With IMAP, or Webmail Addon, You Have "What You See is What You Get". You Get most all the folders, and Is Like Accesssing the Website every
time, though you can save for Reading Offline, it is more for Online
Use. With IMAP, You Receive Mail, on You PC/Phone, Read it, and It
imediately Becomes Read email, everywhere, including on Web. When You Go
toWeb, you have Same Data. And, Instead of everything being marked as
Unread on every email, falsely, only Unread Emails are Un Read. When You
Access Via IMAP on a Phone, also, instead of downloading thousands of
emails, in the Inbox, it Only Downloads those That are Truely unread,
though normally older IMAP emails are kept in a different folder, as is
the Junk/Spam..

So Webmail Immitates IMAP, With extra Folders, and Is Better in Many
Ways, than POP, though often some phones may not be able to use IMAP,
and some Email Vendors Do Not Allow It Free, as they want you to go to
their website and see adverts, which you have to do if using POP to see
your other Folders like Spam.

Good Luck :-)

On 23/02/2010 01:33, Fred wrote:

Has anyone been able to download Yahoo eMail from Thunderbird?
Yahoo's information indicated a premium svc needs to be purchased for
$20/yr to do this.  Hopefully there is a workaround of come sort.

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