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Re: TB8.0 Chris Clifton Mon Nov 21 12:00:15 2011

Could be a good idea for anyone who depends on these extensions to disable automatic updates in Thunderbird. Wait until the extensions are updated, then update TB and the extensions manually.

On 09/11/2011 14:13, jxf011 wrote:
I just reverted back to TB7.01 with the original web-mail-1-4-4/
yahoo-1-5-4 extension it's gets Yahoo mail fine.

On Nov 9, 9:08 am, jxf011<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote:
I changed install.rdf to allow up to Thunderbird 9.0 and both web-
mail-1-4-4.xpi and yahoo-1-5-4.xpi loaded ok.  But I now get "thats
cool" when I try to check yahoo and no mail comes in.  Here's looking
to an update - these extensions are very handy.