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Re: hotmail Pier Carlo Aimone Thu Feb 02 22:00:16 2012

After installing version hotmail-1-3-8b15.xpi the negative vibes seems
fixed but I'm getting the message "no new messages on server".
I have another account on hotmail.com with the same settings (checked
one by one) and it works ok.
Any idea?
Thank you

On Dec 24, 3:10 pm, KE4AVB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Do you have Https enabled on the Hotmail web-mail site? The Hotmail
> extension requires this to work.
> One thing to note here is that Microsoft, in the past,  has rolled out
> different versions of their software at runs the Hotmail service on
> different servers. This has cause several different problems that the
> Web-mail Author had to work through and this maybe the same case here.
> If the Https is set to "auto" on the site and you still having please post
> a copy of the Hotmail log file; remembering to edit out your email address
> and password as many are able read the file and may access your account
> without your permission.