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TB 11 compatibility azul22 Fri Apr 06 16:00:14 2012

Hi, I have been using TB3 on my old desktop for 2 reasons: it is fully
compatible with my ESET Smart Security and I know there are no
problems getting access to the Yahoo accounts I have in it via
Looking at the version history of Webmail I see it was updated
2/2/2012 to support TB10.
I see that Mozilla support for Thunderbird 3 is to be removed.
I have now installed TB 11 on my laptop where my Yahoo accounts are
not in TB. (ESET will still scan incoming mail.)
I need to upgrade TB on the desktop.
I could go for TB 5 which is fully supported by ESET and I guess must
be by Webmail, but I am wondering if I'd be better just to go for
However, I really do want to get my Yahoo accounts in the desktop TB.
I guess there is no guarantee that they will work with TB11.

When is TB11 likely to be supported ?