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[TiVo Central] Stream to a RS TX60 from a PC unclepoo Sat Dec 04 17:00:09 2010

I have an RS TX60 with Lifetime Basic
Yes it is nice to have the save to DVD option. and I recently upgraded the hard 
drive as it was failing.

More important to me is No Monthly FEES 

That said, I seen through the menu something about Downloading things from 
Amazon etc..
I'd like to do that, it says I have to hook up my computer to a network.
Well My Tivo is hooked up wirelessly through my Dlink DI-624 router. to the 
but not specifically hooked up to my computer.

Is there a way to stream movies, pictures music, etc... from a computer to an 
RS TX unit?

is there a way to do this without subscribing to plus with a monthly fee?
I have recently downloaded Tivo Desktop, but can't seem to figure out how to 
connect it on the tivo end.
And I can't find anything on an media access key in my tivo menu.

Please respond if you have successfully streamed from a computer to an RS unit.
Thanks in advance